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Zestpics Migrates from Omnisend to tinyAlbert AI and Sees Substantial Growth in Sales

Zestpics, a leading online store for personalized gifts, was looking to optimize their email marketing campaigns and significantly improve their product sales. The store had been using Omnisend for its email marketing campaigns. However, they were seeking a more robust, easy-to-use solution that could help them maximize their marketing efforts and accelerate their sales growth. This led them to migrate to tinyAlbert, a sophisticated AI Shopify marketing platform. This case study outlines how Zestpics saw a dramatic jump in product sales after shifting to tinyAlbert, selling over 3,000 products in less than three months through email campaigns that were set up in minutes.

The Challenge

Despite having a vast range of personalized gifts, Zestpics was facing difficulties in leveraging their email marketing campaigns for significant sales growth. The Omnisend platform, while robust, was complex and time-consuming for their team to utilize effectively. There was a need for a more efficient solution that could streamline their marketing processes and deliver better outcomes. The primary challenges faced by Zestpics included:

Zestpics Store tinyAlbert AI

The Solution: Migration to tinyAlbert

tinyAlbert’s advanced machine learning algorithms and easy-to-use interface, seemed to be the perfect solution for Zestpics. The platform promised an effortless setup process and powerful features that would allow Zestpics to easily target their customers with personalized messages and maximize their email marketing efforts. 

The migration process from Omnisend to tinyAlbert was smooth and quick. Zestpics was able to transfer all their data without any loss, and the customer support from tinyAlbert was helpful in making the transition as seamless as possible.

Key features of tinyAlbert that helped Zestpics included:


The migration to tinyAlbert led to astonishing results for Zestpics. In less than three months, they were able to sell over 3,000 products through their email campaigns. This represented a dramatic increase in their sales growth, far surpassing their initial expectations.

Key performance metrics include:

The quick and simple email campaign setup on tinyAlbert saved Zestpics a considerable amount of time compared to their previous platform.

The personalized messages led to a higher open rate and click-through rate, indicating improved customer engagement.

Higher conversion rates: The advanced segmentation and personalization features of TinyAlbert resulted in a significant increase in conversion rates.

Most importantly, Zestpics achieved its goal of accelerated sales growth, selling over 3,000 products in less than three months through their email campaigns.


Zestpics' migration to tinyAlbert highlights the profound impact of using an intelligent, efficient email marketing platform. By leveraging tinyAlbert's superior features, Zestpics managed to dramatically improve their email marketing effectiveness and achieve remarkable sales growth. This case is a testament to the potential of AI-driven email marketing platforms and their potential to revolutionize business outcomes.

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