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Optimizing OverActive Media's E-commerce Strategy with TinyAlbert's AI Marketing App

OverActive Media is an esports and entertainment organization that encompasses four major global esports franchises. With team merchandising playing a significant role in its revenue model, the company sought to streamline its e-commerce marketing across its four teams’ Shopify stores. OverActive Media chose to implement the TinyAlbert AI Marketing App to automate and optimize their marketing program.


Overactive Media tinyAlbert AI

The Challenge

OverActive Media’s major challenge was managing the marketing programs for four different teams’ stores. They required a solution that could not only automate the process but also provide in-depth analysis for decision-making. Additionally, they wanted to ensure an effective and efficient distribution of their marketing budget.

Overactive Media tinyAlbert AI
Overactive Media tinyAlbert
Overactive Media tinyAlbert
Overactive Media tinyAlbert

The Solutions

OverActive Media adopted the TinyAlbert AI Marketing App for its comprehensive features and AI-driven strategies. It took three major steps:


After implementing the TinyAlbert AI Marketing App, OverActive Media observed:

By utilizing the AI-driven personalization features, OverActive Media saw a 35% increase in conversion rates across all four teams’ stores.

With real-time insights and reports, OverActive Media was able to strategically allocate its budget, reducing marketing costs by 20%.

With personalized emails and effective retargeting, OverActive Media was able to enhance customer loyalty, leading to a 25% increase in CLV.

The AI automation significantly reduced the time spent on manual tasks, enabling the marketing team to focus on their core operations and strategic initiatives.


OverActive Media's decision to leverage the TinyAlbert AI Marketing App for their Shopify stores resulted in significant improvements in their marketing efficiency, conversion rates, and overall profitability. This case study illustrates how AI-driven strategies can greatly enhance marketing programs and outcomes in the e-commerce industry.

Key Takeaways:

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